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Patron, Sophia Aslanidou from Season of Ghosts

Sophia and Dinosaur from Jurassic world

It is a great honour to be patron of UKAFH!

As a child, I've been fascinated by natural history, the origins of our existence and the great mysteries of nature, so growing up I kept all these topics close to my heart. Various circumstances led me to choose theoretical studies, but at the same time I enjoyed picking up shards of knowledge about beloved topics like paleontology and cryptozoology.

Years later, when I started a professional music career, I decided to apply my own rules instead of the familiar rock- star stereotypes of the past. I believe that ascending on a stage, be it politics or art, is a great responsibility and also a chance to make a meaningful impact. Promoting a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, encouraging positive activities, is one of the many ways to improve our every day life in my opinion. One of my fundamental aims as an artist and as a human, is to channel my energy towards constructive and positive directions, that elevate the conscience and help reconnect with the core of our being, starting from our natural environment, past and present. Through my art, I wish to encourage others to do the same. What could be greater than a revolution of awakened souls, anyway?

Having said all the above, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I first received contact from Craig. He introduced me to the activities of UKAFH and was kind enough to share a part of his fossil collection with me. Holding fossils of multi-million year old, fierce animals in my hands was an indescribable and deeply moving experience.

UKAFH has accomplished a great deal in just a few years and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow, with the collective effort, love and dedication of its members. This organisation is a proof that united under a positive goal, we can achieve great things. At the end of the day, understanding our origins, studying nature with respect and connecting with our physical environment, can only make us better people.

Best Regards Sophia Aslanidou

Singer/ Songwriter at Season of Ghosts www.seasonofghosts.com

Producer/ Social Media Manager at INVICTUS MEDIA http://www.invictusmedia.org/

Craig Chapman owner of UKAFH
"UKAFH and myself are truly honored that someone so well known over the world is interested in our society and become patron of the club. 
I really look forward to working together with Sophia on promoting the club and taking her fossil hunting someday".
image from season of ghosts of Sophia

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