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It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this as patron of UKAFH.

As members of UKAFH may be aware, ITV will be airing 'Dinosaur Britain'. This programme was devised by Maverick TV and myself in 2014 and is based, in part, on my book 'Dinosaurs of the British Isles'. The two-part documentary focuses on telling the unique story of British dinosaurs, discussing some of the wonderful species and bringing them to life, literally! With fantastic CGI by Jellyfish Pictures, dinosaurs are brought to modern-day Britain. The programme is presented by the brilliant Ellie Harrison (Countryfile etc) and myself, as the expert co-presenter, along with various experts peppered throughout. In addition, I was the Series Advisor. 

With knowledge of the programmes commission, I was keen to have UKAFH involved. Craig Chapman and I have now been in contact since UKAFH’s birth a fair few years ago! Initially, Craig contacted me for advice/help, for which I was happy to oblige. I admired Craig’s ambition, enthusiasm and his desire to create something that fossil hunters across the country could take part in and share their experiences. Indeed, UKAFH are featured in Dinosaur Britain and I sincerely hope that this echoes the importance of UKAFH and what it stands for. Really, without avid fossil hunters there would be no palaeontology. 

Finally, I am so flattered to have been asked to be the patron of UKAFH. Truly this is a real honour and I thank all of you involved. I shall endeavour to continue to assist and promote UKAFH wherever I possibly can.

Best regards,
Dean R. Lomax

Palaeontologist & Honorary Visiting Scientist, The University of Manchester

Craig Chapman owner of UKAFH
"UKAFH are truly honoured that Dean has become patron of the club. 
Since I started the club Dean and I have become good friends and he has helped UKAFH grow over the last few years from writing articles for us to joining him on film with the Dinosaur Britain team earlier this year".

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