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Exclusive GOLD fossil hunts 2017

Oxford NHM trip and behind the scenes tour

Wednesday 12th April

The behind the scences guided tour will be on the following subjects: Historical collections and the origins of palaeontology
Vertebrate palaeontology collections and current research
The palaeontology conservation and preparation lab
More information about the museum can be found at

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Caistor St Edmund chalk quarry, Norfolk
Saturday 1st July
This quarry is particularly good for fish remains, which can be found in the lower beds. Echinoids, brachiopods and bivalves are also common here, along with sponges from the flint spoil heaps. 
25 places available Older children 12 years and up

Caistor St Edmund

Pode Hole Quarry Peterborough Cambridgeshire

Saturday 15th July
One the best locations in UK to find Ice aged mammal fossils, from woolly mammoth to Woolly Rhino. As well as amazing Ice aged fossils, Jurassic Oxford clay fossils can be found too, ranging from belemnites to marine reptiles
ADULTS and GOLD members ONLY

20 places available

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PE11 3LR
Upper Gilwern Hill Quarry, Powys Wales
Saturday 29th July
This a great chance to collect some Ordovician trilobites, gastropods, sponges, graptolites and much more.
Suitable for older children
£10 charge on the day per member
40 places available

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