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Welcome to UKAFH
Founded in 2010, UKAFH (UK amateur fossil hunters) is now the largest fossil hunting society in the UK, specifically aimed at the amateur fossil collector and enthusiast. We encourage everyone, of all ages, to enjoy the rewarding fossil hunting experience at some of our great organised hunts.

It's a family friendly club and offers monthly fossil hunts across the UK at some of the very best fossil sites. 
Whether you're just starting out or are already a seasoned collector, this is a terrific club to be part of!

UKAFH is a professionally organised group, operating in association with both UKGE (the market leader in the provision of geological supplies) and UK Fossils

We have a great track record and lots of happy members! Everyone will find a UKAFH hunt to be a great day out!  It's a fun and educational experience for families and individuals and moreover, the sites we visit will guarantee success in you finding fossils to take away, along with memories of a richly rewarding experience.

UKAFH's team are highly experienced in providing its members with over 15 fossil hunts a year, alongside like-minded people and all at very reasonable rates. Membership also allows everyone to have access to our regular online magazine, 'Trilobite Times', and weekly email updates. 
We also offer a place to communicate and share with UKAFH members knowledge, opinion and experiences on our Facebook page.

So why not join UKAFH? Details about membership are to be found on this website.

For more information about us and our membership please Contact UKAFH here

Up and coming fossil hunts
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For more information on any of theses sites go UKfossils

         Find of the month

                                 Fossil - Marine reptile teeth

                       Location - Faringdon Wicklesham Quarry

                                  Found by Craig Chapman

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